2-year Subscription (full-year coverage)

52 issues total (postseason is not included and will be available as a separate package if the Giants qualify).

The publication schedule for this package is as follows (please note the issue lengths; content subject to change depending on media availability):

Season Wrap-up:  Includes a player-by-player breakdown (including those on injured reserve) of performance, including who we think will be back, who’s in for a contract restructuring and more.

Free Agency Report: A breakdown of any transactions made in free agency and their impact on the cap, free-agent comings and goings, and any other relevant news.

Draft Preview:  A look at the Giants’ needs and identify who we think are some of the top college candidates who might fit those needs. We’ll also include a mock draft and will have an update on any new free-agency moves made after our March issue went to press.

Draft Review/Rookie Minicamp Report: Meet the rookie class—who they are, how they fit in, and what questions surround them. We’ll also have our annual rookie minicamp report and will touch upon some of the undrafted free agents who stand out in the minicamp.

OTA/Full Minicamp Report: Your inside look at the OTAs and the mandatory minicamp.

Preseason Preview:  A look at the burning questions, with analysis and a look at the early days of training camp.

Weekly Preseason Issues: One weekly postgame issue breaking down each player's performance.

Regular Season Coverage: One weekly postgame issue covering each of the 16 regular-season games; no issue over the bye week.

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